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The 7 Best Crystals for Scorpio: Unlock Your Inner Power & Strength!

crystals Mar 15, 2023

Crystals are powerful tools that can help Scorpios tap into their natural energy and manifest their desires. But with so many crystals out there, it can be hard to know which ones are the best for you. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best crystals for Scorpios.

We’ve rounded up the most powerful healing crystals for Scorpios, from the grounding energy of Black Tourmaline to the protective energy of Smoky Quartz. Each crystal has its own unique properties and can help Scorpios focus their energy and manifest their dreams. We’ll also give you tips on how to use each crystal in your everyday life.

This article will help you find the perfect crystal for your Scorpio energy. Read on to learn more about the best crystals for Scorpios and how to use them to manifest your desires. Get ready to unlock the power of crystals and bring more abundance into your life!

How We Choose The Best Crystals For Scorpio For You!

Are you a Scorpio looking for the perfect crystals to enhance your life? Look no further than our team's list of the best crystals for Scorpios.

We know that finding the right crystal for scorpio season can be difficult, especially with so many different types and brands available. That's why our team of experts read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the perfect crystals for you.

We've done all the hard work so that you can easily find and purchase the scorpio birthstones you need for crystal healing to make sure your life is in balance. Check out our reviews today and discover why these are some of the best crystals for Scorpios!

We hope you find your favorite Scorpion crystal from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our team. BiohackingBeat may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we fund our research). Happy shopping!

Artistone Citrine Crystal Thumb Worry Stone

Best overall

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Why We Love It

Citrine is the perfect crystal for those born under the sign of Scorpio. It has a beautiful, sunny yellow color and is known to bring happiness and positivity to those who carry it. Its energetic presence is strong and it's one of the best money stones around - perfect for business, success, and luck. Plus, its bright color and size (approx. 1.5") makes it easy to keep with you wherever you go.

What You Should Know

Artistone Citrine Crystal Thumb Worry Stone is the ideal crystal for Scorpios, encouraging good energy to flow their way and strengthening the solar plexus chakra. This scorpio stone is great for manifestation and is known to speed up the process. It also helps to attract money and wealth, making it a great choice if you're looking for a boost in this area. Plus, it's a great reminder to stay strong and have faith, even when things get tough. So why wait? Get your Artistone Citrine Crystal Thumb Worry Stone today and get ready for the good life!

Amazing Gemstone Aquamarine Palm Stone

Best throat chakra stone; enhances communication

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Why We Love It

Amazing Gemstone Aquamarine Palm Stone is the perfect crystal for Scorpios! As a water sign, Scorpios feel at one with crystals on the same wavelength, and Aquamarine's gentle and calming energy is the perfect match. Aquamarine helps them extinguish their rage-fuelled flame and enhances the clarity of communication so they can express themselves more easily. It also strengthens the inner body, and enhances confidence.

What You Should Know

This massage stone is approximately 4-5cm large, which fits perfectly into your palm, perfect for meditating. It's also great for the throat chakra, allowing Scorpios to get their point across in a succinct manner. Aquamarine Palm Stone is a must have scorpio gemstone - order yours today!

UFEEL Blue Sodalite Palm Stone Crystal

Best for promoting peace, calm and tranquility

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Why We Love It

UFEEL Blue Sodalite Palm Stone Crystal is a great choice for Scorpio, as it is known as the 'Harmonizing Stone'. Its calming energies promote peace, serenity and balance, helping you to feel aligned and focused on the important things in life. This crystal encourages rational thinking and helps you to pause before rushing into an emotionally instinctive reaction. It is also a great stone to meditate with, as it helps to clear the mind and improves decision-making.

What You Should Know

UFEEL Blue Sodalite Palm Stone Crystal also encourages honesty, clarity and communication, as it helps to open the throat chakra. It helps Scorpio to translate their intense emotions into words that others can easily understand. It also helps to promote empathy rather than anger, separation and bitterness. The stones are polished into oval shapes and are designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand. They measure approximately 2.3"x1.5"x0.7"(60mmx40mmx20mm), and weigh between 2-3 ounces each. Order your UFEEL Blue Sodalite Palm Stone Crystal today!

Runyangshi Dream Amethyst Healing Crystal Wand

Best for increasing intuition

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Why We Love It

Runyangshi Dream Amethyst Healing Crystal Wand is the perfect crystal for astrological sign Scorpio. This purple-hued crystal will increase your intuition and help maintain a strong spiritual connection, even promoting contact between you and your spirit guides. It unlocks the door to unconditional love, helping you find the infinite positive energy that resides within. Plus, it will protect you from bad vibes, especially if you're a young and innocent Scorpio who could be susceptible to negative influences.

What You Should Know

Runyangshi Dream Amethyst Healing Crystal Wand is the perfect size, measuring 3.3"-3.5" (8.5-9cm) in height and 0.86"-0.98"(2.2-2.5cm) in width. It's a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that can be worn as an amulet or carried with you in your pocket for protection. So why wait? Get your Amethyst Healing Crystal Wand today and unlock the door to unconditional love!

Adabele Natural Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Best for emotional healing

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Why We Love It

The Adabele Natural Rhodochrosite Bracelet is perfect for Scorpio friends, as it is their birthstone. Rhodochrosite is known to bring success and is associated with new beginnings, making it a great gift for Scorpios who are looking to start over. It also helps to dissolve any self-sabotaging tendencies and encourages them to love themselves for who they are. Plus, it's a unisex stretchy gemstone bracelet that can be worn by anyone, making it a great gift for all your loved ones.

What You Should Know

Rhodochrosite is a powerful emotional healer and healer of the heart chakra, helping to clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past. It is a stone of compassion and helps to nurture love and balance the heart. It also grounds energy, balances yin-yang, and helps one achieve their highest potential. The Adabele Natural Rhodochrosite Bracelet is a great way to wear your Scorpio crystal and look stylish at the same time. So why wait? Get your own Rhodochrosite bracelet today!

KALIFANO Tumbled Malachite Bundle

Best for traveling & protecting energy during transition periods

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Why We Love It

KALIFANO's Tumbled Malachite Bundle is the perfect choice for Scorpios who are ready to take control of their fluctuating energy. This stone of transformation is a powerful crystal for emotional healing, offering a tough love approach that helps to shock you out of a slump and develop a sense of personal power. The AAA Grade Malachite boasts a higher luster, deeper color, and greater density than regular grade, making it a great choice for anyone looking to take control of their life.

What You Should Know

Malachite is also great for protection during travel, reducing worries, seasickness, and homesickness. This bundle includes two tumbled Malachite stones, so you can carry one with you and keep one at home. However, if you're particularly sensitive, be aware that Malachite's energy can be intense. KALIFANO's Tumbled Malachite Bundle is a great choice for Scorpios looking to take control of their life and create a brighter future. Get your bundle today and start transforming your life!

KALIFANO Smoky Quartz Points Bundle

Best for grounding and enhancing psychic abilities

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Why We Love It

KALIFANO Smoky Quartz Points Bundle is a must have for all Scorpio fans! This mystical and alluring bundle of Smoky Quartz Points represents Scorpio perfectly—it has an intense, mysterious appeal that resonates with their sensitive souls. Smoky Quartz is renowned for its powerful grounding force and the ability to free you from any emotional baggage you've been carrying, while enhancing your intuition and reconnecting you to your inner self.

What You Should Know

This bundle of Smoky Quartz Points includes over 250 carats of stones from Brazil, in a range of small to large pieces, making it perfect for all uses. Not only does it help to abolish bad vibes and reinvigorate your spirit, but it also helps to pull you back from the jaws of defeat, making it one of the best crystals for Scorpio. Plus, it makes a great gift for any Scorpio fan. So why wait? Get your own KALIFANO Smoky Quartz Points Bundle today!

Top Crystals for Scorpio FAQs

Are you looking for crystals specifically for Scorpius? It can be hard to find crystals that are specifically tailored to the Scorpius zodiac sign, but with the right research, you can find the perfect ones for you.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about crystals for Scorpius so you can know more about these special stones and their healing properties. Learn more about the benefits of these crystals and find out which ones are best for your sign.

What is Scorpio birthstone crystal?

The Scorpio birthstone crystal is Topaz. Topaz is a silicate mineral that is usually found in shades of yellow, orange, and brown. It is believed to be a powerful stone for protection and healing, and is also thought to bring joy, abundance, and success. It can also be used to help people with Scorpio zodiac sign to better understand their emotions and to help them focus on their goals.

How can crystals for Scorpio be used?

Crystals for Scorpio can be used to help Scorpio individuals tap into their natural traits such as courage, strength, and determination. Scorpio-specific crystals can also help to clear away any negative energy that may be blocking the individual from achieving their goals. Crystals like obsidian, golden yellow topaz, and smoky quartz can help Scorpio individuals to stay grounded and focused, while crystals such as rose quartz and amethyst can help those with the scorpio sun sign to open up the heart and bring in feelings of love and compassion.

Where should crystals for Scorpio be placed?

Crystals for Scorpio should be placed in the areas of the home associated with the sign of Scorpio, such as the bedroom, bathroom, or any area where transformation is desired. Crystals such as black tourmaline, jet, obsidian, and smoky quartz are especially beneficial for Scorpio. Additionally, Scorpio-associated crystals can be placed on the body, such as around the navel, to promote transformation and healing.

What stones should Scorpio avoid?

Scorpio should avoid wearing stones such as Moonstone, Opal, and Aquamarine, as these are all associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces. Scorpio should instead opt for stones such as Topaz, Obsidian, and Turquoise, which are all associated with Scorpio's own sign. Wearing these stones can help Scorpio bring out their best qualities and ward off negative influences.

Which element is good for Scorpio?

Scorpio is associated with the element of water, which symbolizes emotions, intuition, and creativity. Water is also associated with transformation and healing. To bring out the best in Scorpio, it is recommended to incorporate crystals and stones associated with the water element, such as aquamarine, turquoise, moonstone, and lapis lazuli. These crystals can help Scorpio to connect with their intuition and to access their inner strength.

Can Scorpio wear Tiger Eye?

Yes, Scorpio can wear Tiger Eye. Tiger Eye is a powerful protection stone that has been used for centuries to ward off negative energy and promote courage and strength. It is believed to be especially beneficial for Scorpio, as it helps to bring out the positive qualities associated with the sign, such as loyalty, determination, and ambition. Tiger Eye is also said to help Scorpio stay grounded and focused on their goals.

What are the 2 birthstones for November?

The two birthstones for November are citrine and topaz. Citrine is a yellow to orange-brown gemstone that is said to bring luck and prosperity. Topaz is a blue to yellow-brown gemstone that is said to bring protection and healing.

Best Crystals For Scorpius For You!

Crystals for Scorpius provide a great way to boost your energy, sharpen your focus, and reduce anxiety. They can also help you tap into your intuition and uncover the truth of your life’s purpose. Whether you’re a Scorpio or just looking to add a bit of magical sparkle to your life, these crystals are sure to be a great addition to your toolkit.

So what are you waiting for? Find the scorpio crystals that resonate with you and let it bring its transformative energy into your life. With the power of crystals at your side, you’ll be ready to take on anything that life throws at you!