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8 Crown Chakra Essential Oils to Promote Balance and Healing

essentialoils Dec 18, 2022

Interested in restoring balance and peace in your life?

Essential oils are a great way to achieve this goal. They have been used for centuries to promote healing and well-being. In this article, we will discuss the 8 best essential oils for the crown chakra to promote chakra healing.

If you're looking for a natural way to improve your health and well-being and enhance your spiritual connection, consider using essential oils. These powerful remedies can help to restore balance in the body and mind, and promote feelings of joy, bliss, and happiness, as well as a stronger connection to your higher self.

The Crown Chakra, otherwise known as Sahasrara, is the seventh chakra, or energy center, located at the top of the head and is associated with a thousand petal lotus. This pathway to self-awareness is strongly connected to our minds and can have an effect on cognitive functions like focus, memory and understanding of our place in the universe. It can lead to increased positivity, mental well-being and comfort with ourselves when balanced. When we do not have a balanced Crown Chakra, it can lead to feelings of stress or difficulty in functioning properly due to negative emotions, and you may not feel spiritually connected. Learning about and nurturing one’s Crown Chakra should be a priority for those looking for spiritual understanding of themselves as well as their connection to the rest of the world.

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Seven Chakra Symbols

I've read numerous reviews on Amazon to find the best crown chakra essential oils for chakra balancing. After reading through all of the different options, I've narrowed it down to my top 8 picks.

We hope you find your favorite essential oil to support your crown chakra from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our team. BiohackingBeat may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we fund our research). Happy shopping!

Cliganic USDA Organic Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is fully deserving of its status as one of the oldest known essential oils. It is derived from the resin of the Frankincense tree, which has a sweet, woody scent and a pale yellow color. Research shows that it can help us reach more tranquil states of mind and become spiritually liberated. Due to its calming properties, it offers a number of benefits like reducing stress, boosting immunity, and aiding in relaxation. To use it for the crown chakra specifically, add a few drops to a diffuser or inhale directly from the bottle. Experience true power from centuries ago with Frankincense essential oil.

Cliganic USDA Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is a calming and balancing agent, said to be especially helpful for opening and connecting with the crown chakra. Its rich scent calms the body and mind, making it perfect for adding to sleep blends or using during meditation. To use lavender oil for the crown chakra, add a few drops to a diffuser or dilute it in a carrier oil and apply it directly on the top of your head. By allowing the varied properties of lavender essential oils to work their magic, you can begin to experience an openness that comes with connecting with your crown chakra. Take deep breaths as you allow its offerings.

Gya Labs Rose Essential Oils

Rose essential oil is an incredibly powerful tool for spiritual insight and transformation. Its sweet, floral aroma opens up pathways to spiritual harmony, bringing balance and tranquility to your spirit, mind, and body. Adding a few drops of this luxurious oil to a warm bath before relaxing in it promotes an environment that invites relaxation and rejuvenation. For those looking to bring further peace into their lives, rose essential oil could be the perfect solution. With its subtle aromas and calming properties it can be the springboard needed for extraordinary transformations within our minds and souls.

Gya Labs Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood oil can be a powerful tool to use when connecting with our inner selves and accessing our personal power. It can help to promote peace of mind and reduce anxiety, leading us to be calmer and more present in the moment. Sandalwood essential oil is particularly helpful for those seeking stillness, as it quiets the mental chatter of the mind, allowing your ego to remain in the background. Using this oil in meditation blends can help guide practitioners towards a state of peaceful contemplation, where one can access their deeper spiritual understanding and higher wisdom.

Gya Labs Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is known to cleanse and purify not just the physical body, but also the mind and spirit. It promotes a balanced crown chakra, which can lead to developing feelings of enhanced spiritual connectedness and peace. Additionally, this powerful oil offers more than just spiritual benefits - it also helps reduce mental fog while improving cognitive abilities like concentration. Finally, as an added bonus, its fresh citrus scent can help positively affect your mood while providing you with an invigorating energy boost! To enjoy the benefits of lemon essential oil on your crown chakra, attempt adding a few drops to a diffuser or inhaler or, alternatively, use topically on the scalp only after diluting.

Cliganic USDA Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil has a range of beneficial effects on the mind and body and is ideal for helping to open and balance the crown chakra. It tends to be calming and helps promote grounding, making it an excellent choice for achieving mental clarity and spiritual connectedness. For those looking for relief from common stressors in this chaotic world, cedarwood essential oil provides a tranquil, centering experience. This natural supplement evokes healing powers that can only be found through a connection with nature. Cedarwood essential oil is here to help us zen out as we reach higher states of consciousness and relaxation.

Gya Labs Calming Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver oil, with its wet and earthy aroma, has been said to be a useful aid in balancing the crown chakra and promoting feelings of peace and calm. It is believed that this essential oil can also help to balance other chakras, such as the root chakra, contributing to overall energy equilibrium. Additionally, due to its calming properties, vetiver oil is often used as an aid in helping individuals relax and attain peacefulness in order to facilitate better sleep. With its myriad of benefits, it can be seen how vetiver oil may be beneficial for people looking for natural ways to promote a sense of tranquility.

Gya Labs Basil Essential Oil

Basil Essential Oil is a powerful tool for connecting with our spiritual core and balancing out the Crown Chakra. It is renowned for its ability to create an emotional and energetic balance, boosting morale and mental clarity. Moreover, it can help in achieving inner peace through relieving stress and calming anxiousness, allowing us to take a positive approach to life's daily challenges. Its scope reaches even deeper, allowing us access to the supernatural via meditation practices that helps us become more aware of who we truly are as individuals. Such a comprehensive effect in promoting a connection between body and soul makes basil essential oil invaluable in one’s spiritual journey.


What are the chakras?

The chakras are energy centers in the body that correspond to different areas of the body, such as the heart or the head.

Each chakra is associated with a certain color, and each one is thought to be responsible for different aspects of our lives, such as our physical health, emotional well-being, or spiritual growth.

Opening and balancing your chakras can be a powerful way to improve your overall health and well-being.

What is the crown chakra?

The crown chakra is located at the very top of the head and is associated with the color violet. It is responsible for our connection to the divine, and is linked to spiritual awareness, enlightenment, and higher consciousness.

When this chakra is open and balanced, we experience a sense of peace and connection to all that is. We feel our oneness with the universe and connect with our inner wisdom and intuition. We are able to see beyond the limitations of the ego mind, and live from a place of love and compassion.

What happens when the crown chakra is blocked?

When the crown chakra is blocked, it can cause feelings of disconnection from the divine, feeling lost or purposeless in life, difficulty accessing intuition or higher guidance, and a general sense of malaise or unease.

If the crown chakra is blocked for an extended period of time, it can lead to depression, fatigue, and a decreased ability to cope with stress. It's important to work on clearing and opening the crown chakra periodically throughout your life in order to maintain your connection to the divine and ensure that you're operating at your highest potential.

Where do you apply essential oils for the crown chakra?

To use essential oils for the crown chakra, add a few drops to a diffuser or dilute them in a carrier oil. Then, apply the oil(s) to the skin on top of your head and breathe deeply to open your crown chakra!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural oils that have been extracted from plants. They are often used in aromatherapy and other forms of alternative medicine.

Essential oils offer a variety of health benefits, including improved mood, decreased stress levels, and relief from pain. They can also be used to improve sleep quality, boost energy levels, and enhance cognitive function.

Additionally, essential oils can be helpful in treating a variety of medical conditions, such as anxiety, depression, acne, and psoriasis. Some oils are even effective in treating more serious issues such as cancer and heart disease.

Do essential oils need to be diluted?

Essential oils do not always need to be diluted before use, but some oils are more potent than others and may cause skin irritation or other adverse effects if used undiluted. It's best to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil before using them topically. Some good carrier oils include jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil.

Diffuser Blend to Restore Balance and Enhance Your Meditation Practice

Working to open our blocked Crown Chakra is key to improving our connection with others and with the Universe. This chakra allows vital energy to flow freely, helping us in our spiritual journey.

Essential oil blends composed of Frankincense, Vetiver, and Sandalwood can help us open the mind and strengthen meditative practices that bring everything back into balance. With its unique aroma, this product brings calming and balancing effects to the mind, allowing a deep sense of clarity to help bring your spirit closer to all that surrounds you. Transitioning toward an open Crown Chakra can be difficult, but introducing it into your daily practice can help tremendously. Below is one of the many diffuser blends you can try.



Add water to your diffuser up to the fill line and add the essential oil blend above. The oil amounts may have to be adjusted according to the type of diffuser you have (this recipe is optimized for a 200-ml ultrasonic diffuser).

Best Essential Oils to Support the Crown Chakra for You

We hope our review has armed you with the information you need to decide what essential oil is best to support your crown chakra to bring more balance and flow into your life and deepen your meditation practice. Tap the product links above to check prices and find the best essential oil for you. We hope you achieve balance and peace with these amazing oils, and thanks for reading!